Large game developers enter the online casino world

It was inevitable, really; given the rise and rise of the online casino, it was only a matter of time before large, esteemed computer game developers began to get in on the act – but what does this mean for the future of online gambling and Microgaming software in general?

The future is undoubtedly bright. Konami, the developer which has previously brought classic video games such as Frogger, Contra and Dance Mania Revolution to the arcades, has announced a partnership with Spin Games to produce online slot games with a variety of different themes.

Konami is renowned for its originality when it comes to computer game development, and this is likely to rub off when it comes to creating brand new slots games – put simply, a Konami-backed online casino has the potential to be the best casino online, provided they offer a good selection of free play bonuses.

Pushing things forward

The idea that such a developer is now involved in creating online slot games with a free play casino bonus should come as no surprise, and looks likely to pave the way for more innovative companies to get involved, which is great news for legions of online gamblers; increased development will undoubtedly improve the overall gaming experience for us all.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether Konami will initially bring their games to Microgaming casinos in the UK. Whilst it’s a foregone conclusion that the Japanese-based developer will eventually bring their platform of online games to British shores, it’s likely that they will initially launch in the US.

Konami and Nevada-based Spin Games, who already design and implement online casino content technology across a variety of markets, will make new slot themes available across most online channels, including desktop platforms, online browsers, tablets and smartphone devices.

One tongue-in-cheek but perhaps important question remains: will the famous Konami cheat code allow the player to unlock untold riches? We’re not holding our breath, although we’d expect a Konami-developed online slots game to feature an easter egg of some sort – it’s too good an opportunity to miss!